Pest Control: Protect Your Family

Seasonal change impacts humans as well as pests. When the weather turns cold, pests seek a warm home. They will invade your home and pose a health risk to your family. Avoid sharing your cozy home with rodents and insects. Several methods of eliminating pests include using chemicals and organic or natural methods to eradicate them from your home. If you choose a DIY pest control method, take proper precautions to avoid exposing yourself to harmful chemicals. Try using organic or natural methods to safely remove pests from your home. The best method involves using a certified pest control service company to remove pesky pests.

Common pests that seek a warm place in the cold months include mice, rats, cockroaches, and spiders. Take steps to prevent pests from sharing your home during the fall and winter months. Choose a safe pest control method that will not harm humans and pets. Remember children and pets are inquisitive so remove harmful chemicals from their reach. Don’t leave chemical bait traps where children and family pets have access to them.

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Helpful steps to use to prevent pests from invading your home.

Remove standing and stagnant water from inside and outside of your home because it draws bugs. Keep the basement and garage dry. If necessary, use a dehumidifier. Pests, i.e., bugs, are attracted to moisture.

Repair leaky pipes and poor drainage systems. Fix gutters and downspouts and move water away from your home’s foundation. Clean out drains that are in the basement and outside the home.

Keep the home well ventilated and dry. In the winter, maintain a relative humidity level of 40 percent.

Remove paper, old rags, and unwanted items, i.e., clothing, materials, and clutter. Rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents like to chew on paper, material, wires, and even plastic. So remove clutter from attics and basements. This also removes fire hazards from your home.

Remove weeds, shrubbery, flowers, and trees. Keep them away from the foundation of your home.

Move firewood away from your foundation and keep it 25 feet away from your home. Move items away from the foundation and your home’s entrances.

Seal cracks inside and outside to keep bugs from entering your home. Seal around utility pipes where mice and bugs can enter your home through very small spaces. If you have brick on your home, seal damaged mortar to prevent bugs and mice from entering the home. It will keep out cold air as well.

Replace worn door seals and weather-stripping with new seals. Repair damaged window screens and replace screens on vents and chimney caps.

Regularly remove garbage from inside and outside the home. Keep garbage in tightly closed containers.

Store food in sealed containers. Bugs and rodents like to invade the pantry and cupboards.

Keep the counter top and appliances clean and remove traces of sugar and oil which attracts pests.

Watch your pet’s food dishes. Rodents and bugs will invade those, too.