Parents Reassured By Care Calls When Children Are Away From Home

So, your child is now a College Student. Great expectations mixed with great apprehension about this new experience for you the parent and your child. You want to share in this and feel their every new facet of life. On the one hand you are worried about the use of their new found independence. On the other hand you want them to be autonomous, independent and growing into adulthood the way they should. On the other hand you have concerns about their new life and this new freedom and independence . You want to call and talk to the kidseveryday to soak up their experiences and to reassure yourself that they are safe and well.

What is a loving & caring parent to do?

Call everyday and hope your child at collage tolerates your daily intrusion in their newly independent life. Or do you simply wait for them to call and reassure you that they are well and doing great. Well neither of these possibilities are reasonable expectations.

Odds are you as the parent will want to call everyday and try to elicit every bit of news from your College Student as possible. Odds are this will wear thin with the child. What is a loving & caring parent to do?

The video clip on the right, highlights how a caring loving parent uses Phone Number Monitoring for daily peace of mind with their kid away at college or when away on spring break in the Islands.

What if you and your child talked, say everyday?

According to author Barbara K. Hofer, who has researched this field, there‚Äôs both good and bad when it comes to the impact of being overly connected with the kids when in college. She has found that kids who are connected with their parents while off to college, do enjoy this new relationship with their parents. However she observes when kids are so connected they’re not autonomous, independent and growing into adulthood the way they should.”

Ms. Hofer further found the ones who talk the most with their parents are the least autonomous, and are the least likely to regulate their own behavior.

We ask again, what is a loving & caring parent to do?

You are worried about your College Student’swell being but calling every day is not good for the kid and may affect their mental maturation process.

We at Phone Number Monitoring do recognize the need for parents to be reassured while giving their child the space they need to excel in college on all levels. Thus, we have 3 very useful programs, where calls are made (daily if needed). This can address several issues sensitive to parents with just one call a day. For more information please visit our website.

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