Encrypted text messaging is the way to go

Technology has changed the way people communicate with each other. This is the age of smartphones and the internet. Hardly can you find a person in this world without having knowledge of the smartphone. People have become dependent on technology for catering to their simplest of tasks as well. One of the simplest tasks is conversing with people. Today, you find people using the smartphone to communicate with people in the next room as well. They do so my instant messaging, etc. Hence, there is a tremendous flow of information through the internet. This can expose your messages as well as the vital information inside your phones to the unscrupulous elements. The best way to get rid of such unnecessary problems is to use Encrypted text messaging.

The Blackberry phones of the recent past had some of the best security measures in place. It was very difficult for hackers to infiltrate into a Blackberry phone and steal information. The PGP encryption system has been a huge hit with the Blackberry phones. However, of late, you see some minor accidents with these phones whereby hackers have gained access and played havoc. These incidents are increasing almost on a daily basis. There is an urgent need to stop the menace from spreading further.

GS ECC is the solution now. This system uses the principle of Elliptical Curve Cryptography, known as the strongest of all the cryptographic methods in the world. Today, you have every new Blackberry coming equipped with this technology inside them. This makes these phones infinitely stronger than the previous phones in the market. Let us see the main differences between the two security systems.

The PGP system has proved its worth under tough circumstances. However, the situation today is different. You require stronger methods to ward off the threats of cyber attacks. The PGP security encrypts the message body and leaves out the header intact. It also does not encrypt the details of the recipient and the sender. Under such circumstances, an intelligent hacker can trace the source and destination of the message and procure the vital information. The ECC 521 system covers all its tracks. It encrypts the body and the header of the message. It makes identifying the recipient and sender difficult by encrypting their details as well.

The PGP system does not encrypt the exchanges between the server and the device. In the olden days, the mobile service provider arranges for the access code. In the event of keeping this channel of communication exposed, you are risking cyber attacks all the time. The ECC 521 ensures that it blocks this line of communication as well by encrypting the exchange between the server and the device.

The ECC 521 allows the user to create his own private keys and access codes. Hence, there is no danger of any third party intervention at any stage. This is beneficial to the user at all times.

We shall dwell on the other differences in a different blog. We conclude by stating that the ECC 521 system is a way of plugging the gaps left by the PGP system.