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The Best Digital Signage Software On Navori With QL

The labs offer high-end, web-based digital signage software which fuses rock-solid Swiss engineering and technology with tremendous ease of use and with a global presence bolstered local sales as well as support, Navori labs QL digital signage engine powers hundreds of thousands of displays worldwide. The digital signage is an enterprise which are committed to providing the most reliable, and user-friendly software application available in the industry. The QL professional user manual will cover the use of the QL content manager application and includes all the user configuration options for QL server and also QL player. QL professional is designed for easy content updates and maintenance as well as the application is delivered through the Internet and accessible from any web browser.

QL server professional

It is a back-end application which manages communication, data storage and reporting for your digital signage network and this application has no user accessible interface. It features the most advanced functionalities that include a multi-user CMS, playlist scheduling, and powerful content playback which are operable on both Windows and Android player devices. It has the widest set of features to empower displays and video walls across corporate, advertising, government, education, transportation, retail and other networks.  It is available in two versions.

  • Cloud
  • On Premise

The cloud is a version which is hosted on its own servers so the customers can download and install QL player on their own hardware.

On Premise is a version where the customers purchase, download and install QL server professional on their own hardware.

QL player Professionals Windows

It is the playback application which displays your scheduled content on any Microsoft Windows-equipped PC and this application is in constant communication with the QL cloud by updating its status and performing updates as well as managing all on screen activity.

QL player Professional Android

It is the playback application which displays your scheduled content on any compatible Android device and this application is in content communication with the QL cloud or On-Premise server by updating server, performing updates and managing all on screen activity.

Advantages for operators to choose Navori QL

This program is designed to assist digital signage network operators, brick and mortar venues who want to operate their own digital signage department.

  • Business development

You can offer new services, empower your sales force and increase your market penetration as well as you can support a wider range of applications with a single software product. QL is renowned dependability; market specific add-ons and software development kit as well as it respond to any customer’s need and improve your sales conversion rate.

  • Efficiency/Return on investment

QL streamlines your digital signage deployments through innovation that improves your ROI and the android players will simplify the migration process and help to cut down digital signage deployment costs. Navori QL digital signage software is made up of two components:

  • QL server backend service is a standardized software application which is highly efficient and very reliable.
  • Your team uses SDK to create bespoke solutions designed for your local market and your customer’s needs.
  • Seamlessly migrate your existing deployments

The QL server SDK will connect your own custom UI front end by creating a fully seamless migration path for your customers.